CSRmap is an intuitive CSR monitoring and risk management solution for professional use. Contact us for detailed information and pricing.

Main Features

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Automated CSR intelligence

CSRmap automatically collects CSR incident information from numerous sources (such as child labor reports, corruption index, etc.) and analyzes if the detected incident affects one of your company’s products, suppliers, production sites, or supply chains.

Product-based risk calculation

CSRmap calculates a product-specific CSR risk and shows you which products or supply chains need your immediate attention (e.g., because of a strike in one of your production areas).

Integrated audit functionality

Besides news data and available statistics, CSRmap provides a fully-fledged audit functionality which enables you to commission and conduct audits with external auditors out-of-the-box. The audit results are automatically incorporated into the risk calculation and enable you to base your further actions on concrete first-hand data.

Supply chain monitoring

CSRmap enables an integrated overview of your products, suppliers, production sites and the associated CSR risks. Incident information is automatically fetched from the web and matched to your products.


Take a taste of CSRMAP. Browse through some screenshots.

  • CSRMAP-Dashboard
  • CSRMAP-SupplyChain
  • CSRMAP-WoodGrowing
  • CSRMAP-RiskTree
  • CSRMAP-Audit

Latest News

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March 2015



SEMERGY & CSRmap at Hannover industrial fair

Visit us from 13. to 17. April 2015 at the Hannover industrial fair in Germany. We will present SEMERGY in...

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October 2014



Join us at the BHB-Congress


CSRMAP will be presented at the 15. BHB Congress (Baumarktkongress) 2014 in Bonn. We are happy to meet you at...

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WKO Mercur 2014


CSRMAP is nominated for die Mercur 2014 of the WKW (“Mercur-der Innovationspreis der WKW“) in the category “Green Economy”. Join...

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CSRMAP goes public


Today, CSRmap.net enters the beta-phase with our first customer. The beta-phase will be finished by 01.12.2014 and we are looking...

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CSRmap provides an integrated and global approach to manage your CSR risks.

Product and supplier data is automatically fetched from your ERP systems, combined with the latest CSR incident information and visualized in geo-based risk graphs.

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